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Incorporating meditation into your practice

How do you know someone? By spending time with this person. The problem is that we never spend time with ourself so we never know ourself really!

Socrates was used to say "know thyself". This sentence was written in the pronaos (the vestibule at the front of a classical temple) of the Apollo's temple.

Meditation supports you to know better yourself.

Do you know who you are?

We spend our own life to learn things, to get knowledges, to remember name of past philosophy, geography.. We spend time with other people to know them. But do we really know the person with whom we spend our entire life: ourself?!

Know Thyself

If you desire to know someone, you gonna have to spend time with this person. You will maybe decide to meet each other once a week every week: sharing time together, asking her questions about what she likes, about what is important for her in life.

So what do you do to know yourself? Some people say: "I am used to run", but this is not spending time with yourself, this is running! Some other say "I go out to walk with my dog", but this is not spending time with yourself, this is time for your dog!

What can you do to know yourself better?

Well, one of the best way to start to know yourself better is to meditate!

And what is meditation: being with yourself thinking of nothing; create space in your minds so your thoughts can go away. Stay in total stillness with your body so you liberate yourself of any unnecessary movements. It can be challenging at the beginning as your body and mind are not used to. But as everything, regular practice will bring you more confidence and experience. You will become better and will start to enjoy the process.

First Steps

To begin, create a favorable environment to invite yourself to meditate. You can use a mat, a cushion, a candle, some encens, a music, a chanting bol... You can wear a particular outfit, do a same gesture to begin and to finish. In fact you must create a ritual that will give signs to your brain that it is time to meditate. Your brain will therefore bring you to the right frequencies.

Take a confortable sitting position. You can use the Chin Mudra (specific hands gesture of consciousness). This gesture has a grounding effect on the mind and support your meditation practice.

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Then enter in a total stillness. Close your eyes, breath easily and start your meditation practise. Avoid to focus on a noise or a thoughts, otherwise you are doing concentration but not meditation. Be confident that you will become better and better by practising regularly.

Do it gradually: starts with 2 minutes, the 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30! If you practise daily in eight to ten days you can reach the 30 minutes of Meditation! Isn't it encouraging?!

Then continue practising, ideally daily for 30 minutes at least and you will start to feel the benefits!

Key Ingredients

The key ingredients are faith and belief! It is true in every religion and philosophy: faith and belief are the only composants that will bring yourself to the right frequencies to get and attract what you want in life.

Main Points to Remember

Create a ritual with a specific environment, timing and outfit.

Use the Chin Mudra to ground yourself.

Sit comfortably and put your body in total stillness.

Go gradually, starting with 2 minutes to reach 30 minutes.

Remember the 2 key ingredients: Faith & Belief.

Love & Grace

Love More and say Thank You Often



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