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Take your personal practice to the next level

Connect to the elements and with others to bring your practice to a higher level.

Yoga Hearth Water

We are not a single person lost on hearth! We are conjointly with the other human beings contributing to this world. As the cells of our body conjointly contribute to the well being of the whole body; Each of us contributes to the well being of a super organism called Humanity!

Do you really thing Yoga is just a performance of many poses called asanas in sanscrit?

Yoga is a personal and group practice that brings you to a higher level of consciousness.

Practice and become more

When you practice Yoga for the first time, you might have the illusion that you are just exercising! Doing something good for your body and stretch your body to gain flexibility. This is in fact only one part of the benefits of the Yoga. And to be honest it is even more just a good consequence! Initially Yoga has been created to maintain good health. The monks were meditating days and nights and started to become sick as they were not moving enough. They were looking for a physical practice but not too much to keep their mind in a high level. Moreover they would like to improve their health and protect their organs. This is the main purpose of Hatha Yoga, also called "the Mother of Yoga" by my mentor an teacher Kirit in India. Hatha Yoga works and stimulates organs and glands. Each posture is in relation with one organs and or one or many glands. Practising on your own regularly will help you to create a daily routine and improve your health. Practising regularly within a group with a teacher will push you further. Moreover, something happens when several peoples are doing the same things at the same time in the same place. This is the principle of what we called the "supermind". Elite classes know it for ages. That's the reason why they are used to meet each other regularly and share their reflexions and challenges. Together they are stronger and can find solutions easily. All minds are energetically connected and they all together become this "supermind".

Practicing Yoga within a class allows your body and your mind to connect with other students. You share your energy and become stronger at all levels. You take the benefits of the Yoga Teacher Energy and you improve your practise.

The Power of the Elements

We are living on Earth and we are part of Earth. Our biological composition is made of cosmos' elements. Every single part of us is find in the composants of the Universe. Therefore when you connect with the Elements such as Earth, Water, Air.. You naturally connect with your environnement and take advantage of his strength. Practising regularly outside brings you to an other higher level. You feel all connections and invisible energy between you and the natural environment. You fully realise that you are part of the Universe.

Main Points to Remember

Practise Yoga on your own to create a routine.

Practice Yoga within a Class to feel the group energy and create together a "supermind" and a "superbody" that will allow you to go further. Enjoy the Energy, Vibes and Experience of your Teacher. He or She will definitely guide you to a higher level of consciousness.

Practice Yoga outside and feel the connection with the Elements. You are part of Earth. By connecting with the nature and the elements, you gain energy and reach higher vibrations.

Love & Grace

Love More and Say Thank You Often



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