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About ✨Yoga Divine Love✨

Life is a Journey and Yoga is your Guide to connect to your inner Soul. More than exercises and meditation, Yoga is a way of Life. When you open your Heart and are willing to say Thank-You often you open the door of the Divine part into You. Yoga is a Meditation on itself. When you stand in posture something happens inside of you: tensions are released, organs are stimulated, blood circulation is better and the best part.. mind is shouted down. By using regularly and consiently Love and Grace you connect to the Divine part that is inside all of us. "Yoga Divine Love" proposes you a practise of Hatha Yoga in Conscience to allow you to reveal your full potential. The regular practise and philosophy support you to discover and use your talents to contribute to this world. You develop your inner peace and are willing to more appreciate and be more grateful for the beautiful things and people around you. The best part is that you connect to Love: Love of yourself first, Love of the people around you that are important in your life, Love of all living being: humanity, animals,  insects, vegetals, earth and in fact Love unconditionally this great gift that is Life. Ready to know yourself better?! Embarque on the journey and follow the path to discover yourself and your own mission.

With Love and Gratefulness


Teacher & Philosophy


LOVE is the Answer! There is no higher vibration than Love. Our Heart has its own Nervous System with more than 40000 neurons. Our Heart can even take decision on its own, without referring to the brain. There are 4 types of connections going from Heart to the Brain:

1st is Neurological Communication: Heart sends more informations to the Brain than the opposite;

2nd is Biochemical Communication using hormones and neurotransmitters: Heart produces ANF hormones which main function is to reduce stress hormones production and increases Oxytocine known as the Love Hormones;

3rd is Biophysical Communication using pressure waves: Heart sends information through heart rhythm and variations;

4th is Energy communication: the electromagnetic field of the heart is the most powerful of all the organs of the body and 5000 times more intense than the one of the brain. It varies with the emotional state. By opening yourself to Love you stop being led by the Prime Minister who is the Brain and Restore the Place of the Emperor who is the Heart.

Debbie Pluchino

Practising Yoga for more than 12 years. Debbie is a Hatha Yoga Teacher RYT 200 and a Coach Certified. It's in India that she discovered first the Yoga. Instructor for Children, Pregnant Women and Yoga Nidra, she naturally decided to go back to India to live in an Ashram and complete her training to become a teacher recognised by Yoga Alliance.  She loves particularly the peace that brings Yoga on the body and in the mind. She loves to transmis her passion and take students with her on the journey. Through Yoga and Meditation she guides students to know better themselves, discover their strengths and connect with their talents. As her initial indien teacher says "Hatha Yoga is the Mother of the Yoga". She believes that Hatha Yoga can bring us to a level of consciousness really high. Initially Hatha Yoga works on organs, glands and energetic center to improve and maintain good health. Moreover it works on muscles and strengths the whole body.

Yoga is a thousand-year-old science that allows us to connect with the Whole Universe; Realising that we have the power on Our Life, that we can decide of our own path. Join her and decide to take the power on your life and honour this gift that has been given to you for a while.


GRACE is a Blessing! Bless someone or something means to say, to want, to see, to think or to wish something good. It is enlightened someone or a situation. Grace releases stress and weight of any situation so we do not need any more to worry about finding solutions. It establishes a perfect harmony. Grace produces peace in ourself, quiet strength and great energy. Grace allows us to see things differently, with more harmony. Grace multiplies positives things in our Life and allows us to have greater inner strength. Blessing allows us to help someone whatever is the distance between us. Grace helps to pacify with others and to see the impossible happens. By training yourself to bless you become to see with a total enlightenment everyone and everything as a gift from the Universe. Grace is not only a spiritual or a religious practise. The power of our thoughts and emotions on water have been proven scientifically. It is just impossible to judge and bless someone at the same time! By practicing Grace in your everyday practice you open yourself to a bigger dimension.


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